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Tuesday, June 4, 2013

Quick Weight Loss - Is it Worth It? (It is If You Can Keep the Weight Off)

3:57 AM

Is quick weight loss worth the effort? Sometimes people decide on a whim that they want to engage in a quick weight loss program, and then set about losing the targeted weight in record time. Even if the rapid weight loss works, the person may be swayed to think it was a failure if the weight comes right back.

Tip 1: Did you give yourself a reason? It is one thing to decide to try quick weight loss, and it is another thing to be doing it for a reason. When you have a reason for your quick weight loss then you have inspiration to try and keep the weight off, and that can make your quick weight loss program a complete success.

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Tip 2: Do you have a support group? There is no reason why you should be trying to lose a lot of weight in a short period of time on your own. Get your friends and family involved and you can all create a mutual support group. It may be the strength and determination of the group that helps you all to succeed.

Tip 3: Have an exit strategy. It is one thing to enter into a crash diet with plenty of inspiration and support, but you also need to have a plan to follow once the program is over if you are going to keep the weight off. Before you even get started losing weight, develop a plan to help you keep the weight off once it is gone. Make sure your plan includes ideas that you can stay committed to. Avoid making drastic changes right away as you may not be able to stay with them for a long period of time. Create gradual lifestyle changes that will help you to keep the weight off forever.

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