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Friday, May 10, 2013

Weight Loss by Hypnosis

5:14 PM

Weight loss by hypnosis has recently exploded as an effective way to lose weight. Case studies and examples range from an average woman who lost 10 pounds in 2 weeks with almost no effort, to the obese woman who lost nearly an astounding 95 pounds just from using weight loss by hypnosis techniques.

Weight loss by hypnosis works by using subconscious suggestions. These suggestions can range from making a certain food undesirable, to suggesting to the body's self-image that you really are a slim person.

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While weight loss by hypnosis is a great way to trim the pounds, most hypnotherapists don't hail it as the end-all-be-all. Effective weight loss by hypnosis is best when taken together with a great diet, an ample amount of water, and good rest. Although hypnosis is a great way to lose weight, having that extra serving of desert after every meal isn't going to help. Fortunately, hypnosis can help reinforce those behaviors as well. In fact, clients of weight loss by hypnosis often report that things just "fall into place." Their eating patterns naturally changed to a much healthier diet, without mental struggling.

The key to weight loss by hypnosis, just like any other weight loss program, is the desire for the change you're working on. Hypnosis can help get those pounds off, but you do have to do your share as well.

To get started, consider visiting your local hypnotherapist for an introductory session about weight loss by hypnosis. Although this is considerably more expensive than a home study course, you will receive tailored attention to your needs, diet, and habits. For example, if you've tried other diets but constantly find yourself quitting halfway through, this may be something that a hypnotherapist could address in person, which couldn't be covered in a CD or tape. Another example would be if you're constantly tempted by a specific kind of food, he or she could tailor your sessions to tackling that habit - Again, something that a CD wouldn't cover. Generally a client can expect permanent weight loss results by about 2 months of once a week visits.

If the cost of going to an in-person hypnotherapist is too expensive, online weight loss by hypnosis CDs may be another cost-effective option. These are pre-recorded CDs designed to subconsciously help you lose weight. Oftentimes they're not only vocal, but have a hypnotic background designed to put you into trace. (CDs with these backgrounds, called "Binaural Beats," should not be listened to while driving a car.)

Weight loss by hypnosis is a very powerful method to lose weight.

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