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Wednesday, May 22, 2013

Weight Loss Miracles - Don't Fall For This, They Don't Exist

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If you've ever watched TV or surfed the internet, you've probably come across an ad promising miraculous weight loss results. Why wouldn't advertisers promise this; it's what everybody wishes deep down were possible, fast easy weight loss with no effort.

Well, it isn't possible.

Sorry to break it to you, but I doubt it's much of a shock. Because if you've seen these promises, chances are you may have been taken in and bought their products, only to have them fail.

Think of it this way: Your weight gain took place over possibly many years, so it's obviously going to take a substantial amount of time to undo this. The faster you understand this, the better your chances are of seeing real weight loss.

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The ideal weight loss for a person is 2 pounds per week. Any more, and chances are you may not be doing so in your health's best interest. Of course, you may see these numbers vary, but the point is that you must take smaller steps. The giant leap is a myth and impossible.

However, just because it can take a long time to lose all the weight you want, doesn't mean it has to be difficult. If you make positive eating habit changes, integrate regular exercise into your daily routine (even busy people can walk more, take the stairs etc.), and be positive, you will see the pounds slowly drop off.

And, we all know, slowly but surely wins the race.

The most important thing however, is to never give up. During this long journey to a healthier weight, you may fall off the horse from time to time. You might indulge in a hefty dessert, or eat take out on a stressful day, or ignore your exercise for a day or two.

Sure, you could let these mistakes get the best of you and create a downward spiral, throwing away all of the progress you have made. Or you could dust yourself off, realize and take a note of your errors in judgment, and persevere until you reach your goals. I hope this is an easy decision for you.

Never give up, because the path to weight loss is long, but the rewards are better than you could imagine. Don't buy into the hype, weight loss is not instant. There will be ups, and there will be downs, but one thing is for sure.

You can lose the weight you've always wanted. Never give up, never quit.

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