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Tuesday, May 14, 2013

Weight Loss Dog Food for Weight Management

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Problems with weight seem to be prevalent, not just in people but in dogs, too. When dogs gain weight, though, it's more of the owner's fault than the dog's. Are you guilty of overfeeding your dog? To help address issues with your dog's weight, weight loss dog food may just be the answer.

Weight gainers

Overweight dogs come in four categories: the nibbler, the beggar, the good dog, and the gourmet dog.

The Nibbler: The nibbler is a dog who eats very little but constantly because it has food available throughout the day. Owners might think that the nibbler doesn't eat much per meal but when taken together, all the calories it consumed from the many small meals it took throughout the day would total more than what is required for its daily intake. Small meals may be advisable for people to help increase metabolism but for dogs, it is not.

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The Beggar: The beggar is a dog who's figured out that when it makes a ruckus, it gets certain treats to make it stop. It might seem harmless but when a dog makes it into a habit, the food rewards it gets over time will cause it to gain weight.

The Good Dog: The good dog is lucky in a sense because its family loves it so much that they'd give it treats whenever they can. But when every family member is doing that, think of just how much treats that dog will consume in a day.

The Gourmet Dog: The gourmet dog is a dog that got used to eating particular kinds of foods and as such, is not getting a balanced diet. Think of it like a child choosing chocolate over vegetables. Nothing good ever came out of eating too much chocolate.

Choosing weight loss dog food

Weight loss dog food should be high in protein and not carbohydrates. Carbohydrates stimulate insulin secretions in the body which tell it to store any unburned calories into fat. Weight loss dog food that are high in protein don't stimulate insulin secretions, and as such, don't encourage the creation of fat stores in the dog's body. To find out if a weight loss dog food is high in protein, look at its ingredients. Meat-based dog foods list meat first in its ingredients.

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