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Friday, November 8, 2013

Healthy Weight-Loss Program - Quick Tips Number 2 - Get Invested

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My Weight Loss Program.

When we choose to lose weight and we seriously begin to journey on an healthy weight loss program our success lies in our investment to achieve our health, diet, fitness and weight loss goals. All are part of our complete program. Not only are we to set goals for our health, diet and fitness we need to commit to them and then invest in them. Only when we are committed and invested will we be successful.

Commit to Our Weight Loss Goals.

Commitment is a mindset based on intentionally setting goals and giving ourselves to achieve those goals. Your level of achievement is based on your commitment. Our commitment to our goals are evidenced by the priority we put on these goals. I said evidence. This denotes the action we take versus the talk we talk. We can talk all we want about losing weight and our personal commitment to our goals but actions will be the evidence of our commitment. By itself commitment does guarantee success, but lack of commitment will guarantee failure. So as we set our goals and establish the priority they have in our life be truthful with ourselves and act accordingly. We know that success is also a mindset. Success is based on faith that we can and we will achieve our goals. Faith in our success will also help our commitment. So know that with commitment and professional guidance we will succeed if we invest in our success.

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Invest in Our Weight Loss Goals.

Generally when someone mentions investment our first thought is a financial investment. Though financial investment is definitely required to meet our goals it is just one of many investments that we must commit to for our success.

First we must be invested in mind. That means achieving our goals is a priority in our mind and we are focused to make them happen. We believe in our plan, we have set out the necessary action steps (or soon will) and we will be committed to make them happen.

Next we must be invested in our time. Once our mind is made up we must invest the necessary time for success. The time investment quite often is the hardest part, but if we are really committed and our goals are a priority then the evidence will bare out our time investment. Like anything else, we get out what we put in. If we do not invest much time we will reap a relative return.

Invest in knowledge. Commit to learning as much as we can about our health, diet, fitness and losing weight. This knowledge will make it easier to succeed. If we know better and are committed we can and will do better.

Finally, invest your money. Invest our money to buy healthy food, (it really is less expensive than eating unhealthy). Invest our money in our fitness. Whether we join a health club, build a home gym, invest in a personal trainer or weight loss coach, as well as apparel (you know we need to look good) we must invest in our fitness. Invest in natural nutritional vitamin supplements essential to our healthy diet, our fitness and our losing weight. Sit down and Seriously commit a budget to achieving our goals.

Get Invested in Our Weight Loss Goals!

Without an investment of our mind, our time and our money we will not succeed. No matter what we do. If we are not committed in mind, time and money; we are not committed. This doesn't mean we can't work in and around our time constraints. Nor does it mean that if we have a limited budget we will not be successful. It does mean that if we have a small budget we must commit more time or if we have little time commit more to the budget. But there is always a minimum investment necessary. So until we take the time to access our commitment and establish what we can and will invest do not start a healthy weight loss program. When we are serious about our health, diet and fitness goals, then and only then should we GET INVESTED.

Be Blessed. Be a Blessing.

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