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Friday, November 8, 2013

Weight Loss - The Reasons For and Many Conceptions and Distractions

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Losing weight is a repeated effort by many with partial or no lasting success with every new scheme for most, leaving the ones with lasting weight loss success at a very low percentage.

It is said that most of the weight loss programs that work fast when started for a few weeks where after weight gain gradually comes back, are highly focused on reducing the water content retention in the body of the weight loser.

Rumor has it that after normalization of the water content some weight losers' regain goes to such extend that they even surpass their original weight. The reason for that, they say, is because the body was starved of something like water or nutrition and then attempts to overcompensate in an effort to protect itself, should this happen again.

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When someone enters into a weight loss program, there is usually a very good reason for, the weight loser has excessive weight to get rid of. Some may be comfort orientated expecting the program to do its work with no extra effort. Others are willing to do anything to enhance the effect of the program to the point where their health is at risk.

Some form of exercise, Irrespective of the intensity, will compliment the results of any weight loss program in a substantial way, be it walking, jogging, swimming or cycling, muscle toning and fat burning will extend the results considerably and should contribute to lasting weight loss.

The diversity of diets prescribed by different weight loss programs is immense. Many diets target water, carbohydrates, or metabolism of the body to achieve their goal. Many times the process followed by the weight loser is taken to extremes in the hope of better results to the point where malnutrition sets in. If, at this stage, the weight loser takes some form of supplemental diet tablets as well for more success, it may become a medical condition. A symptom in extreme cases may be hysteria. The warning might be not to obese weight loss programs.

Scientific oriented weight loss programs use different methods of targeting and getting rid of the fat deposits directly. To counter malnutrition they do not limit as much the volume of intake as rather the substance. They also make major changes in meal frequencies to manipulate the body's metabolism in order to get the desired result of dissolving and "dumping" of fat deposits.

Obviously the scientific way of losing weight prevents or at least limits imbalances of the normal water content in the body to ensure that weight or measurements lost is real fat the body rids itself of. By using this method, less strain is directed to the body with better future health prospects. This enables the user of such a weight loss program to continue with it for prolonged periods with ongoing results without too much "suffering" and with some lenience even become a lifestyle of weight watching.

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