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Friday, November 15, 2013

Need to Lose Weight? Try These Weight Loss Tips That Will Work With Any Eating Plan

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There is no one diet that suits every person or body type. However, there are some tips that work with every body. Why? Because they are fundamental to the way our bodies work. If you don't use these tips, you will either lose weight very slowly or you won't lose weight at all. You may feel, in fact, that you're fighting to lose weight and losing the battle. That's because your body has natural survival instincts that kick in and attempt to thwart any dieting you try to do.

However, if you follow and use these tips, you'll find that the weight loss you have will go much easier because you are going with your body and how it works, not against it. You will be enhancing your body and its own natural homeostasis, and you'll also be encouraging its natural healing process. As Dr. Joel Wallach says, "Give your body what it needs, and it will heal."

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Obesity is a symptom of death and dying

Your weight maintenance and weight-loss systems are also those that handle your growth, energy, maintenance systems in general, and healing. These are in fact what make it possible to be alive. If you keep them going, and work with them, your life is going to be much healthier. If you work against them, though, you could damage your health and even kill yourself. Just as one example, an honest look at obesity is simply an illustration that it is a symptom of dying and death.

You can put little routines in place that will support your weight loss and life systems in general. Make sure you get enough water, that you exercise enough, and that you stretch enough. When you eat, eat small portions, and start eating early in the day, eating often. Chew your food well, and don't drink soda or oils that have been burned. Reduce or eliminate sugar, complex carbohydrates, and alcohol. Boost your protein just a little, sensibly.

We are creatures of habit so make a fun ritual. We got fat by always having a 'cookie with our coffee' ritual. Create new fun rituals that support your body being healthy.

Do the little things right and your weight will normalize

And don't expect to do it perfectly every single time. If you forget to follow any of the tips during any of the days, just start again right away. Don't even wait until tomorrow; just start again now. Every day you do the right thing, the better things will go for you. Read and understand the rest of the tips and map out on paper little rituals for when you get up, eat and go to bed. Do it a bit at a time and these weight loss tips will support your weight loss and your life.

So go ahead, grab a piece of paper and read the rest of the tips here, or register and have them sent to you every couple of days or so. Begin to plan now to increase your weight-loss and have a better life in general.

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