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Wednesday, March 13, 2013

A Review of NutriSystem - A Fast Weight Loss System?

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Those who have tried NutriSystem consider it as a fast weight loss system that helped them lose weight. Their fast weight loss system started out as regular weight loss centers in the 70's but they eventually went online. The system includes a program where convenience is prioritized.

The costs

As a fast weight loss system, NutriSystem provides their clients with pre-packaged meals that are shipped to their homes. Typically, you can spend around $280 for 5 weeks' worth of food but the prices decrease if you continue every month. The system is popular because the foods nowadays are chosen according to how convenient they are to eat, their taste, and their price.

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Fast food

Fast food is often perceived as one of the culprits for obesity and weight gain. However, NutriSystem provides their clients with "fast" food that can help you lose weight. However, if eating processed foods is not your thing, then this may not be the fast weight loss system solution for you.

Personalized programs

The meals are served in controlled portions based on individualized weight loss programs. Clients can also go though one-on-one behavioral modification and counseling services to help them in their journey through weight loss. Foods are shipped once a month and they include meals that can be eaten 3 times a day with additional snacks.


The foods replace the regular ones that you can love to eat. If you need other foods, you are advised to buy fruits, vegetables, and low-fat milk. There are no meal replacement shakes that are required for you to take when participating in NutriSystem. However, they may also provide you with protein and vitamin supplements.

The pros and cons

When you go through this fast weight loss system, you do not have to count the calories of every food because it is going to be done for you by the people behind NutriSystem. While it sounds appealing, a review states that on average, a client can stay on the program for around 9.5 weeks. Aside from eating pre-packaged process foods, another downside includes getting used to eating them. Once you are finished with the program, you should be able to prepare your own meals again.

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