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Wednesday, March 6, 2013

Treat Clinically Severe Obesity With Weight Loss Surgery

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Being overweight and being obese are entirely two different things. Though both conditions occur in human boy due to of extra fat but conditions and effects of each one are distinct. Being overweight does not mean that you are obese; simply you have put on few extra pounds in comparison to normal people of your age. As obesity is not very big problem, person who is overweight can easily get back in shape just through few exercises and controlled diet. Conversely, obese people hardly loose a little weight despite of heavy exercise regimen and restricted diet. Obesity is not just about putting on extra layers of fat but it is associated with many disorders and diseases. Normally, an obese person lives under the fear of life threatening troubles like heart attack, high sugar level and high blood pressure. So if you are overweight then start working on weight loss plan to avoid all these major future problems.

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For people who are obese it is difficult and even unfeasible to lose weight through normal procedures therefore they really need something different and much effective to lose weight. As medical science has solution for every problem, obesity can also be treated with weight loss surgery. If you have been declared obese by your doctors and no other weight lose program seems to be effective then weight loss surgery is your ultimate destination. Certainly it is the solution that promises extremely wonderful results. But do not forget to consult your doctor as he will help you with various aspects of your decision making process. Today weight lose surgeries have got a lot media hype therefore almost everyone knows very well about it and hospitals and clinics that offer it. If any of your friend or relative has undergone a weight loss surgery, you can ask him or her about its procedure and effectiveness.

As far as variety of weight loss is concerned, currently there are two distinct procedures available. The first type of surgery is restrictive and the second one is malabsorptive. Though both follow the same procedure but the functioning is distinct; it restricts the amount of food you intake whereas malabsorptive surgery prevents your stomach from absorption of fat. Both surgeries are very helpful in reducing weight as both build up a balance of each component in your body. Some of weight loose surgeries follow open stomach procedure it means that the surgery will be done through abdominal incision.

As each surgery or treatment has its own risks and benefits, weight loss surgery also comes with some minor disadvantages. The only considerable disadvantage of such surgeries is that they may require repetition. Frequency of such cases is only 1-2% and it occurs only in those patients whose body does not support the surgery. Once you undergo the weight loss surgery you deserve to give yourself a big congratulation as this is your first step towards realizing your dream of becoming slim. Now everything you need to do is follow the guidelines properly that are given by your surgeon. Being irregular with your medicines and exercises can restrict weight loss thus make sure that you take care of everything.

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