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Friday, March 22, 2013

The Dr Phil Weight Loss Solution - The Basics

6:17 PM

Did you know that Dr. Phil is not only an expert in mending relationships, but also in helping people achieve successful weight loss? He actually prescribes seven rules for people who want to slim down, and it is now known as the 'Dr. Phil weight loss solution.' These rules - often called by critics as 'enlightening' - can teach you how to change your mind's habits to support weight loss, and also to stop making food your 'medicine.'

First rule: Own your reactions

The Dr. Phil weight loss solution says that you can 'choose' your reaction, whatever the situation. Learning how to perceive the blows that life gives you from a more productive, more positive perspective allows you to have healthier reactions. The next time you get rejected from a job, for example, do not eat a whole bag of chips or order the biggest hamburger because you 'feel like a loser.' Instead, accept that you did not like the rejection, but that you could always find other opportunities. Maybe the job wasn't meant for you, but hey - it's not the end of the world!

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If you are dealing with a tragedy, such as bankruptcy, divorce, or death of a loved one, it may be hard to see the silver lining. Hard, but certainly not impossible. The key is to be able to create a meaning from your suffering. You can do this perhaps by offering counsel to people who have also experienced a tragedy or even by just becoming a volunteer. Food will not solve your depression, but finding new meaning certainly can.

Rule two: Solve problems, don't just react to them.

Two words: take action. Think of solutions, not reactions. Worrying or whining about money won't make you any money - so worrying and whining about being overweight certainly won't help you lose weight. None of your problems will go away even if you stuff yourself with all the food you can buy. You should quit being reactive and start being proactive. If you want to get somewhere, you need to start.

Rule three: Slow down your thinking

According to the Dr. Phil weight loss solution, you need to decelerate your thought process and find out why food - or gaining weight - is your coping mechanism. Many obese people do not know that they are actually sabotaging themselves voluntarily, perhaps because of an unresolved issue. Slow down and listen to your own thoughts. Maybe you could even write them down. Sometimes, al you need is to decelerate to gain the proper perspective.

Rule four: Challenge yourself

The Dr. Phil weight loss solution also requires you to reprogram your mind. Do a reality check and re-assess your attitudes and beliefs. Only by doing this can you change your evolution of yourself and ultimately become free of the negative emotions that control your eating habits. Accept that only you are accountable for upsetting yourself. It is never right to think that someone or something causes you to have negative emotions. Remember that you cannot change the conditions nor change other people - but you can change how you respond to them.

Rule five: Seek closure

Let go of the anger, vengeance, hate, and other such loads that weigh down your soul - and consequently your body. The Dr. Phil weight loss solution recommends the MER - or Minimal Effective Response technique. Do not seek revenge or plot methods to damage others. This will only cause more problems. Instead, think of the most minimal way to achieve the emotional resolution you need without ever instigating any more problems. For some people, MER simply means writing a letter to a person they have problems with. For some, it means renewing their faith.

Rule six: Forgive

Forgiveness is never easy, but it should not be impossible. According to the Dr. Phil weight loss solution, you need to see forgiveness as a choice - your choice. It can free you from anger and resentment, which could be causing you to eat more than you should.

Rule seven: Manage without food

The next time you want to eat a whole candy bar just because you think you deserve it, stop and rethink your options. Surely, there are better - healthier - ways to reward yourself. The Dr. Phil weight loss solution cites exercising, meditation and yoga, and even just simply listening to good music as more constructive alternatives. All of these help your body release endorphins that naturally reduce your anxiety.

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