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Thursday, March 7, 2013

Weight Loss Tips - Fat Loss Wins

2:51 AM

You have heard about all the weight loss programs or even tried some yourself. And failed!

You will learn here a very important fact that can turn your weight loss battle into a fat loss success

The reason most people want to achieve weight loss is because they want a healthier fitter self.

Let's think about this for a minute.

The human body is made mainly of fat, protein, carbohydrates and water. You can lose weight by reducing your bodies content of any one of these but which is the healthiest option.

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You can lose weight by losing more water from your body. That is what diuretics do. Now although the scales will return a lower figure than before, is this really a fitter you? I think not! It ends up with a dehydrated you and let's be honest, one day you just have got to drink.

What about losing body protein. This happens when you starve yourself. You burn up lean body mass, protein, and eventually replace it with fat. Again, not a healthier, fitter you.

The crux is what you need to focus on is losing body FAT. Fat loss should be the main focus of your bid to get fit and healthy. Fat loss does not necessarily mean weight loss. In fact you may put on weight! This is because most fat loss programs build muscle bulk as well. Volume for volume, muscle weighs more.

So you may ask that if your weight could go up, why bother with a fat loss regimen.

Simple. A 70 kilogram, lean man is more healthy than a 70 kilogram fat man.

Think about it. A weight lifter could weigh a hundred kilograms but he is mostly lean muscle with very little fat. Think of how healthy he is compared to the 100 kilogram fat man. Who is heading for that stroke or heart attack?

So shift your focus. Go from the million weight loss diets to a healthy fat loss program.

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