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Saturday, March 9, 2013

Why Do You Never See A Fat Person Advertising Weight Loss Products?

10:49 AM

You always see the anorexic model selling the product, who thinks "weight" is spelled wait. Have you ever seen a fat weight loss trainer? Maybe someone who knows what you are going through. I would bet that 90% of these weight loss experts have never had a serious weight problem. Do you want to know who the weight loss experts are? Fat people. They have read everything written on weight loss and used almost every weight loss product ever made . Their success, or lack of it does not disqualify them. There is something missing like...

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* Lack of discipline (Because they know what to do but can not stick to the program)

* They do not understand their addiction to food and what is causing it (physiological, chemical, or medical)

* Refuse to see the health problems being caused by being overweight ( this is realized after it is to late)

* Most Fat people are great at justifying or making excuses for their Fatness (I can lose weight tomorrow. It does not interfere with life..)

This last and biggest thing missing is support from the people who love you and are in your life every day. If they have no weight problem, they do not understand what you are living with. If they are fat and are not worried about weight loss, your success undermines their life choices. These two reasons are why most people fail with their weight loss programs. Everyone needs support at reaching goals in their lives. It is the very rare person who can do it alone.

People sharing like minded experiences is the best support group for you to reach the goals you set. They might be where you are going. If someone has a road map showing the hazards along the way, why not use it? If they can show you an easier way to do something, why not do it? If they can take something that is not working for you and show you how to make it work, is that not better than setting up another excuse to fail.

Weight loss is a battle everyday for the rest of you life. It does not matter if you are overweight by 10 pounds or 410 pounds. If the extra weight affects your health and life, it is a problem. Studying, reading, and learning why you are overweight is important. Taking actions is the only thing that will make it happen. Who or what is the only thing that can stop you from being successful, Write your name here.

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