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Monday, March 11, 2013

How to Join an Online Weight Loss Challenge

6:19 AM

People used to dread the word "diet or "fitness" like the plague. The problem here lies in their lack of confidence and motivation. But now with the proliferation of online weight loss challenges, there's just no excuse for skipping on that early morning jog anymore.

Online weight loss challenges have made losing weight fun by providing a ready community of like-minded people whose goal is to look and feel great.

Even the world-famous Discovery Channel has joined in the online weight loss challenge bandwagon too. The network started their program last New Year. Originally, it was only supposed to last 8-weeks but the program became successful that the challenge still continues on today.

weight loss clinic, diet program reviews, weight loss supplements, is another company that has started their own online weight loss challenge, theirs is called the "Slim Summer Weight Loss Challenge". The challenge will run from June 25 to August 20 of this year. To join the challenge just sign-up at their website and you will receive a "Personality Type Diet" program that is customized just for you, meal plans based on your lifestyle, personal coaching from dietitians and personal consultations with a qualified doctor on their message boards. Participants are encouraged to blog about their progress to serve as motivation for the other members.

The "50 Million Pound Weight Loss Challenge" is another kind of online weight loss challenge. The program was made by Dr. Ian Smith and is targeted for the African American community. However people of all races are still welcome to join the challenge. Many celebrities are supporting the challenge like Omarion, Jagged Edge and Kimberley Locke.

Actually, you can start a challenge of your own. Rally a group of friends and use blogs or message boards to track each other's progress and provide inspiration to one another.

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