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Tuesday, April 2, 2013

Set Your Goals for Weight Loss

7:33 AM

Are you setting a goal to lose weight? If you are, you have
come to the right place. The following will put you in the
right direction to set your weight loss goals.

Set A Realistic Goal

Your goals should be attainable and realistic. It has to be
specific but sensible goals be it short term or long term to
achieve the end results. Setting weight loss goals should be
anything from 3 months to a year. But if the goals are
stretched over a long period say 18 months, you may lose
focus and tired out thus making it hard to attain.

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But if you set a goal to lose all the extra weight before
Christmas, this will become unrealistic knowing that you
have some 100 pounds to lose and Christmas is about 3 months
away. In between the big goal of losing 100 pounds, you will
need to set small goals too. Ask yourself some basic questions.
Are you going to get expert help such as a consultant or you
afford to pay for a personal fitness trainer? If you are a busy
person, can you spare the time, money and resources to
achieve the goal. Be clear about your goals and the steps that
are require of you to achieve them. This include how much
calories to cut per day, each week and each month. Be willing to
make a commitment. Are you willing to give up or reduce on
your alcohol consumption? Are you willing to change some
bad habits such as sleeping late just to watch a movie? When
the intention is crystal clear in your head and mind, you are on
track to start your weight loss goals.

Record Your Goals

It is necessary that you write down your weight loss goals
on a clean piece of paper. Type it out in your computer or
better still, use colors to indicate certain order of priorities
you must take. Perhaps you start your big goal to lose 50
pounds in 8 months. You have decided that both a diet
and an exercise plan are what you need. We shall start
with the diet aspect of the goals for the duration of the 8
months. Between the big goal you've set, set a month-to-
month goal detailing the diet plan as well as the exercise
plan for each of the 34 weeks starting with one month first.
The diet plan must incorporate healthy choices of natural
whole foods. Next you move to the exercise program plan.
Decide what activities you are going to do and how frequent
in a week and what day of the week you would engage in
these activities. Think and engage in the sport activity that
you love doing maybe playing tennis or swimming. If you
are not much into strenuous activity, start this activity
slowly so as to get your body to become used to it.
Whenever you are in doubt, consult your doctor.

Get It Started

You have set the excess weight to lose each month, say 6
pounds. With your goals clearly written down, proceed to
make the necessary lifestyle changes. With or without an
expert with you, the food that you choose need not be a
drastic change. If you love your morning coffee, you still
can drink coffee but with little or no sugar. Know what
constitutes a healthy weight loss diet and keep to the basic
portion size. Knowing your own basic metabolic rate and the
calories of the food you take will help you in your diet
plan. You may have to reduce outside dining to control the
manner food is prepared. Eliminate all habitual snacking and
free snacking that comes along to spoil your goals.
Remember this is part of your little weight loss goals to
achieve the big goal. Whilst exercising or doing physical
exercises is an activity that demands your time, we are
talking about 30 minutes to an hour for at least 3 times a
week. Some flexibility is expected along the way provided
the month end goal of losing, say 6 pounds, is not

Setting a weight loss goal will help you to attain long term
success because your mind, body and soul are in synergy to
achieve it. As in any goal setting, think, act and stay
positive and you'll achieve it.

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