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Tuesday, October 22, 2013

3 Great Fat Weight Loss Tips - Burn the Fat Not the Muscle

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You are already ahead of the game if you are looking up fat weight loss tips because ultimately that is what you want to do - burn the fat not the muscle. If you simply go on a diet and get the scale to drop yet some of that weight loss was muscle then you have set yourself up for difficulty losing down the road.

This article shares 3 great fat weight loss tips that will burn just fat.

1. Plan your diet to preserve your metabolism. A key to burning fat is having a metabolism that is functioning high. The problem dieters run into is that they keep their calories low for too long and this bottoms out their metabolism and this can lead to the breakdown of muscle.

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To prevent this when dieting you must learn how to strategically cheat. By adding a "cheat meal" one day a week to your low calorie diet you convince your body that there is plenty of food available and it boost your metabolism to continue burning fat.

2. Aerobic exercise is great for fat loss but not all of it. To get fat loss and not muscle loss you want to avoid long, steady state exercise sessions. Think of the difference between a marathon runner's and a sprinter's body. The sprinter has big powerful muscles because he/she trains in short burst of maximum intensity and this is what you need to do to keep your muscle. Do aerobic exercises with bursts of intensity mixed in.

3. Strength train. You will not bulk up easily when you train with resistance (i.e. weights, exercise bands, body weight) but you will tax the muscles and preserve their mass. This is important to men and women because every pound of muscle takes 50 calories to maintain so if you lose just one pound of muscle you must cut your daily diet by 50 calories.

The right way to lose is to follow these fat weight loss tips and get the fat off while you preserve your muscle. Get started today the right way.

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