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Friday, October 18, 2013

Burn Fat With the Free Weight Loss Program

12:47 AM

Many people want to burn fat but nothing they try seems to work. Even if their attempted programs do work somewhat, they don't get the results they really want, or they can't maintain them once the program is over. They have tried terrible diets, expensive meal plans, or painful workouts--all to no avail. But, what if there was an almost free weight loss program that would work for them?

People have been sold on the idea that to burn fat means to do something extremely hard. They have to get on the rowing team or become a tri-athlete. Or, they have to count calories like Rain Man counting toothpicks, as if having low energy levels and feeling hungry all the time are the keys to success with weight loss. They also try shelling out lots of money for diet pills or some kind of other expensive treatments. But all that time, they would never believe that there could be a virtually free weight loss program that will help them burn fat in exactly the right amount they need.

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What would a virtually free weight loss program be like? How could that possibly burn fat off? Surely there has to be some kind of trickery going on. What's the catch? How could it be simple to lose weight, to burn fat and keep it off in a totally inexpensive way? The food must be terrible...or the workouts must be almost impossible to endure.

No, the truth is that you can burn fat in a virtually free weight loss program...and you can keep that fat off or take it right back off at will. And the food that you eat is delicious and nutritious and you never, ever have to count any calories or try to get through the day with hunger pangs or headaches from lack of food. As far as the workouts...well, exercise is encouraged, but the fact is that you can burn fat while doing no more exercising than going for a nice walk.

You see, this almost free weight loss program that I'm talking about shows your body how to shift its metabolism. And this is done through diet. It is diet that causes weight gain, and it is diet that lets you burn fat and keep it off. People generally fail to understand this, however, because they think that "going on a diet" means eating the same unappetizing thing over and over or means cutting back on calories. They also have been taught that food is an enemy or that working out has everything to do with losing weight (it doesn't; working out is about getting your muscles and cardiovascular system in shape--it's got little to do with burning fat).

To burn fat, you simply eat the right foods at the right times in the right amounts. How's that for a free weight loss program? And get this--these foods are delicious--in fact, you pick them and go buy them at the supermarket yourself. And the "right amount" is merely eating until you are almost full, but not quite--like keeping your car's fuel tank at 90% instead of F; plenty of gasoline but just not quite full. And you eat four times a day. Once you have paid a small amount to learn these secrets, you have a free weight loss program that you can apply again and again and again as you may want or need to.

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