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Wednesday, October 2, 2013

Successful Weight Loss - The Secret to Jump Start Your Weight Loss Plan

2:45 PM

For successful weight loss the secret lies in jump starting your weight loss plan. The problem for many people is that years of poor eating or lack of exercise have left their bodies resistant to fat loss. This is because the body has become too efficient at burning refined carbohydrates for energy and has learned to neglect burning body fat for energy. This article shows you how you can turn your body back into an efficient body fat burner.

If you find it hard to lose weight or you lose weight slowly and you have been overweight, inactive or eaten a diet high in refined carbohydrates for a long period of time it is likely that your body is resistant to losing weight and you will need to prime your body in order to find successful weight loss.

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Here is how you can do it.

For the next two weeks shift your carbohydrates to the morning and eliminate them from your diet after lunch. This would include foods like breads, cereals, baked goods, potatoes and corn.

What this will do is remove the quick energy source (i.e. carbs) from your diet after lunch and your body will have to look elsewhere for an energy source. Where will it look? One place will be your body fat.

This will jump start your weight loss plan because it retrains the body to burn fat for energy.

Do this for a two week period and your body will successfully make the shift from being inefficient at fat burning to highly efficient.

You can jump start your weight loss plan with a simple shift in your carbohydrate intake and successfully lose the weight.


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